If your not first youre last !!!
If your not first your last and thats how I feel about going to stutsmans Harley-Davidson in James town Nd they always make you feel like youre first their team is hands down an amazing group of people I bought my first Harley from them back in 2014 Terry McCreedy wasnt just youre normal salesmen he went above and beyond and so did the whole team at stutsmans and thats why I came back and bought a new 2019 road glide special big thanks to the group and Terry for getting the Harley I wanted Dan Casavan really hit it out of the park with all the accessories and getting me set up for the stuff I wanted he was very knowledgeable and took the extra time to make sure everything was perfect for me words cant explain how amazing this group is thanks again !!!! (Employee: Dan Casavan, Terry McCreedy)
Blaise Sticka
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